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Of course I live with my family. How many sisters or brothers have your cem? Asli: Ohh. This is a terrible feeling for me. I Am Always Alone. My Mother and Father Work Every Time. I am Alone at Home Untonyl Evening. They Come Home and We Have Dinner BUT They Are Too Tired That We Cannot Talk Each Other.

After That We Sleep. This is a terrible feeling for me. Always alone my mom and dad are always working. I am alone at home until the evening. They come home and we eat dinner.

But they’re getting so tired so we don’t talk to each other. In most business environments, the formal is the best that you start using official greetings and see how co-workers or business partners greet you. It is a better idea to wait for someone to talk to you using a daily language before you talk to someone with everyday language. You can see that people start to use more intimate greeting patterns over time as you get to know each other better.

It is also used when the official greetings meet older people. These are the more formal ways of saying English to vary depending on the hour of the day. These greetings are formal and polite. It makes you look as a polite person if you say that when you met the first time. Don’t forget that you will only tell someone you meet these for the first time. Take care to use them while working in English dating dialogues.

This greeting question is only used by people who met before. This greeting is very painting, and it is very rare, but still used by people who are older. Slang Greetings have a fairly informal style and you can only use it too closely and you can use it when they are feeling comfortable when they are comfortable.

If you have a new beginning to learn and practice English, you can learn certain forms and where you can choose from, can be a useful guide for the entrance and continuation of the chat. Thus, when you practice English speaking, you can experience hardship and you can easily overcome your excitement during chat. On the way, it is important to know which sentences should you use in the office, at work, at the office, at the office, the bazan, if you are gonna greet anyone you know, a little or no knowing anyone you have never met.

It is also the reason for the learning of them as new ones in English. Thus, you can not feel the opposite side that you are yet beginner and you can continue the continuation of the dialog without stress. The most referenced in the words of greetings are probably everyday ones. What more than serious in the air, nor it will look simpler than necessary, it uses plenty of immediately everyone in the day in the day.

Most commonly preferred English greeting molds in casual life can be listed as follows: Ast-top relations are javelin, the hierarchy of the Hierarchi’s business places and office environments, which are sometimes minutes to give a hi to give a greetings at the beginning of places.

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